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Power CG Express

For those who don't need all the of extra features of the Power CG Live.

Power CG Express User Interface

Works with both Standard Definition and High Definition.

The Power CG Express is a Powerful Titling program designed especially for the Live Broadcast and Video Post Production environment. It comes with a very flexible, easy to use, Graphic Composer for creating High Quality Title Graphics. Once the Title Graphics have been composed, they can be easily displayed ON Air right from the main window.

Title Pages can contain Text (of course), Background Color boxes, Geometric Shapes, full-color graphic images as Logos, and either a Background Graphic or Background Video. The text is created using TrueType typefaces and can be Sized, Kerned, Rotated, and Italicized. Each character can have up to Two Edges and Three Shadows. The character's edges and shadows can be colorized with a solid color, a vertical Color Spread, a Color Gradient (4pt, 5pt, or linear), or Textures.

We even have a free Fully Functional Evaluation Copy of the software for you to download.

ON AIR Controls

ON AIR Controls

These Controls are used to control the ON Air display of the Titles.
ON AIR Controls
  • Channel 1 Preview:
    Previews the current Title. When a page is previewed, it is loaded and ready to display
    so that it will be displayed instantaneously when "Take" is pressed.
    It will appear on the Preview Output if you have a Preview Output Card assigned.

  • Channel 1 Take:
    This button displays the current title page on the Video Output.

  • Channel 1 Program Off:
    This button removes the title from the Video Output.

  • Channel 1 Fade:
    If page is displayed, it will Fade Off.
    If page is not displayed, it will Fade On.