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Our Privacy Policy

We don't collect any information about you.
Unlike some web-sites that say your privacy is important to them, and then go on to explain all of the different types of information they will accumulate about you, and who they'll sell that information to. We don't collect any information about you, so we don't have any information to sell.

We don't use Tracking Cookies.
The only thing we keep track of on our website is how often a page is viewed by anyone. Of course, if you send us an e-mail, we will have the information that you send to us in that e-mail, but we won't use it for any other purpose than responding to you.

When you place an order, or register your software, we will keep the information that you give us on file. But we won't use it for any other reason than processing your order or providing support. We will not voluntarily provide it to any third party.

If we ever change this policy (which I doubt), we will post the updated policy here.